All natural, pure air-dried New Zealand pet food


About Us

Since 1999, Best Mates have been New Zealand’s premier manufacturers of pet treats and meals. And since 2019 we have been exclusively focused on manufacturing ingredients for our premium New Zealand pet food brand, Tu Meke Friend.


100% Natural New Zealand Treats and Food from the Farm

We manufacture using only 100% natural New Zealand ingredients that are grown and produced locally, sourced direct from the growers. We make the healthiest, tastiest, and the best pet food available for the domestic and global market. These ingredients are used exclusively in our Tu Meke Friend pet food brand.


Tu Meke Friend

Tu Meke Friend is our retail pet food brand that we exclusively manufacture ingredients for. Tu Meke Friend’s range is made with our finest beef, lamb, poultry, pork and venison. We make many treats and pet food combinations, and all of our products are designed to meet the dietary and health requirements of pets. Featuring 100% natural flavours and ingredients, our pet food is easy to digest and contains meat, vegetables and fruit all sourced direct from our New Zealand growers.


Distribution Enquiries

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